Ballbusting ladies

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These woman were told that if they take a picture making eye contact we would hit ourselves in the balls (preferibly swinging a boot) 1 time for each woman in the photo. With these rules. The sexyer the pic the harder we have to hit ourselves and everytime there is a new one added/uploaded we have to start at it and go threw every one. They knew they were busting our balls with there hotness when they tool the pics. (Check the facial expressions) So enjoy letting these sexy ballbusters kick your nuts as they watch!!!

Site Changes

A few changes for everyone to be aware of,

1) The site has been opened to all access by everyone, even guests may post.
2) Chat at this site, is now guest only. If you are a member here, you may chat as a guest or join the main site to chat as a member.
The main site has been active for over a year and we still have people joining the old one or refusing to move over so now you must join the main site if you wish to chat as a member.

Members Blog's

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Hey all. Every Member has his / her own blog. Feel free to use it like the old site activity update area. The post will be viewable from the main menu under blog and again from your profile under track.


site down time

The site was down for over 12 hours on 12/09/2016, this was due to a major issue with the hosting provider. The site(s) should be working correctly now, I am still unable to access the hosting control panel however so for me, its still not 100%.
​Here is hoping this does not happen again.



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