Story Wars

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This is a place for members to try their hand at writing stories in competition, members vote, give feedback and give suggestions for story topics. New members and topics each week. This is a really cool idea suggested by a member and it will only work if the members participate.

Lala's Videos

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So I've been kind of bored on this site lately so I decided to make a group. The meaning of this is that you send me requests on videos to make, and I will do my best to do what you ask, or at least something alike. Feel free to ask for anything with BB, Bdsm, humiliation, public, tease and denial, or anything you might like.

Member Search

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Search for Members by Name, Gender, Location, Orientation, etc.  Click "Members" from the top menu or click here

** The search function relies on complete profiles, if you leave stuff out, the search is not accurate. Please fill in your profiles.



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