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Hey all. Every Member has his / her own blog. Feel free to use it like the old site activity update area. The post will be viewable from the main menu under blog and again from your profile under track.


extreme busting

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I'm looking for a guy to bust me for a long hard session, then break one nut turning it to mush. Let me be clear, I am looking for a true busting or CBT to make this happen, I am not looking for "fighting" or a "contest" and I will not compromise on this. Im real so you be too. Get in contact with me, I want to make this happen before this year is over. I know the risks I will sign all releases of liability and have plans for emergency care after its done.

Site Chat

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Update on Chat Status

We are still searching for the best chat for the site. There are better chat bars to use but they cost up to $300 for the basic package and then require a monthly server/host fee, I am not able to buy a chat program.

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