Should ballbusting be done tied up?

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Should ballbusting be done tied up?
Anyone thinks that ballbusting should be done restrained to be credible and imply a bit of "non consensual" for the game to provide the spice it is supposed to bring?
I do. To me, seeing men opening willingly their legs to be busted is almost ugly and make waste half of interest to watch it. Please share your thought and excuse my bad English..
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Of course
Restrained, legs wide open, no escape for the balls, if the girl want to do it really painfull, she can do it even if I say stop :)))
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hell yeah!
When he is secured, spread wide open to me, utterly exposed and vulnerable, it really amps up the fear. I can smell, taste the terror in the air. Really gets my juices flowing.
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Being restrained is the only way for me!
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I believe tying balls is a must for busting, why I say that is if tied more compacted and if you you get the full balls and otherwise potentially just one or missing all together, if your into ballbusting you need and long for the pain and pleasure it causes, you have to be aware that if you keep them tied for a long time it can cause permeant damage I for one don’t want that but I really do enjoy that pain of it. I am a big fan of bondage and for ballbusting it helps very nicely.