MY real ballbusting experience

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MY real ballbusting experience

I posted this on a different site about 6 months back, it has 450 views but noone commented so if you like it let me know. photo at the bottom is a few days after my busting

A few months back i was skimming through a stupid application on my ipod when i saw someone post something about being bored or whatever. Joking i messaged them asking if they wanted to kick my nuts to past the time. Much to my surprise they actually agreed and we set up a place to meet.... And so the story begins.
We met at a cheap hotel with (with soundproof walls) she must have been looking forward to this sense she paid for everything and didnt ask for anything in return. Entering the room that she was checked into to my palms were sweaty and i was nervous as hell feeling my heart beat faster. Clutching my 12 pack of beer i walked in to see an rather average girl with odly short hair. Though i was greatly relieved upon seeing that she wasn't very muscler or anything like that. After a few min of idle talk to break the ice and a few beers in she nooded towards my pants.
"This is my first time hun. But you need to lose the pants i want to see my target." Nodding i took them off and stood in front of her spreading my legs. She stood up facing me and grinned. Suddenly winded her leg back and WHAM..... slammed it into the inside of my thigh missing completely. "OWE" Jumped up in the air and winced before laughing and re-spereading my legs. She has one strong kick tho. SHe winded back up facing me and WHAM. Her small foot smashed into my balls trapping them under my body lifting me for a second before i crumbled to the ground holding my nuts. The pain was intense and i moaned but she wasnt going to have any of that. "stand back up lets go" moaning i stood back up facing her. She winded back up and her foot slammed into my nuts again only not as hard. I grunt hard and manage to stay standing feeling the pain in my nuts spread up to my stomach. She glances down at me and winks. "Hun i can tell you have nice sized nuts. Go ahead and lose all the clothes dear dont be shy." Slightly embarrassed and unused to being naked in front of strangers i took off all my clothes. She suddenly kicks again and grabs me before i can fall. Glaring at me. "dont you dare fall now okay Hun. " she grin's evilly. And still holding my shoulders she kicks, once, twice, three, i lose track as i moan and only stay standing by her holding me feelign my nuts get smashed.Looking down i watch as my balls slam up against my body only to fall back down awaiting the next big kick. (we turned up the temp in the room to make sure they stayed hanging down) As she finally let me fall i laid there holding my self but that wasn't allowed either. Using her foot she rolled me over and spread my legs. Laying there she jumped up and SPLAT. Her foot stomped on my sure balls again and again until we finally took a break. I laid there moaning holding my largely swollen balls. But the break was short lived as the second i managed to stand back up i was grabbed and slammed against the wall roughly and her laughing. Pressing me firmly against the wall she drew back her knee and rammed it hard into my sore nuts. Before i could even moan she slammed them again and again. Losing track of the hits i groan hard and grab her breasts to stay standing. That was a mistake. She took a step back and kicked hard as she could ramming my nuts hard up into my body and laughing as i slowly slide down the wall onto my knees holding myself. On and off we would take breaks as it went by towards the end she had me lay down and started to slap them hard as she could just to watch me cringe. But it wasnt long before  three hours passed by and my nuts were nothing more but a swollen bruised mess. When simply the touch of her finger poking it would make me almost cry did we stop.

Well that was my first ballbusting experience and i hoped you all enjoyed it. I have several pics of my large( and yes my nuts are slightly bigger than average) balls all swollen and bruised from my ballbust. It even took over a week for the swelling to go down and about a month to fully heal. If admin says i can i still post the pics. BTW please feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed this. I have never written like this before soooo yea xD

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Very cool story
Thanks for sharing
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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for sharing. I think I could get them bigger but we would need several hours of your pain to do it :D

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Very intense. I'm not so sure that's her first time. 

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Sounds fun. You sure can take
Sounds fun. You sure can take a lot of punishment.
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Lucky him. seems fun
who can do that to me. love to see my balls swelling