Balls Damaged Part - 3

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Balls Damaged Part - 3
With the rod deep in my cock & my balls banded Karen had me right where she wanted me. The weight hanging from my balls was really taking a toll on my balls. My sac was really being stretched now as the bands were getting really small now. Karen liked the look the bands were doing on my balls so she reached over and grabbed a 10 lb flat weight that was modified to slide on top of the 20 lb weight already attached to my balls. She slid the weight over the other weight & let it fall on top of the weight. I screamed in pain as more weight was suddenly applied to my balls. I felt like throwing up & told her that. She hung a bucket around my neck & told me to throw up in it. My balls were swollen & were turning now from a dark blue to showing black spots on my sac now. This ment that my balls were now starving of what they needed. Karen then added another 10 lb weight to my balls putting the weight to 40 lbs on my balls. I threw up in the bucket then. I was crying from the weight on my balls. Karen then would grab the rod in my cock & would move it around hard causing pain not only in my cock but in my pelvic area. I was in lala land now not caring what happened to my cock & balls.

Greg was having a great time fucking my ass. He told me that he was going to wear my asshole out. He would also smack my ass hard with his hands. When he did he caused my body to lunge forward causing the weight on my balls to sway hard. This caused the weight to yank on my balls. Greg finally shot his big load of cum deep in my ass. When his cock finally got soft he pulled it out but inserted a large butt plug making sure his cum stayed inside my ass. He had to force the butt plug in my ass since it was so big. I screamed in pain as he pushed & finally forced the butt plug in my ass all the way. I felt that my asshole was ripping apart & felt like it was on fire. Greg was very satisfied with that plug in my ass.

I was really starting to feel out of it as my ass, cock & balls got a work out. Karen was trying to force more of that rod deep in my cock. As she did I could feel my cock in pain, pointing straight out. I could feel the rod sliding deeper in my urethra getting close to where my pee was stored. Greg grabbed another weight of 10 lbs. Greg slid it on & dropped it hard to the other weights. The weight was now really stretching my sac & letting those bands get to there normal size. 


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