extreme busting

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extreme busting

I'm looking for a guy to bust me for a long hard session, then break one nut turning it to mush. Let me be clear, I am looking for a true busting or CBT to make this happen, I am not looking for "fighting" or a "contest" and I will not compromise on this. Im real so you be too. Get in contact with me, I want to make this happen before this year is over. I know the risks I will sign all releases of liability and have plans for emergency care after its done. We do this away from your home or mine, no real names used, no way for me to say who did it or where he is. Come on guys one of you has to have the urge or desire to break a nut.

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Make it safe

Regrettably I am not close enough and I am gay, which does not fit your need for Bi or Str8.

I encourage anyone with a curiosity/interest to contact Michael and see if a reasonably safe encounter could be arranged. I say this because these opportunities do not come along very often, if it's something you want to do, this could be your only chance for a very long time. Trust me, I know.


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quite the coincidence

A few of us were talking about this just the other day. How we desperately want to see a ball ruined. If I could change into a male for only 1 day, I would just so I could ruin the one up for offer and then I would change back faster than you can say omg, I would never want to be stuck with those things between my legs lol.

So I will +1 ruptered's comment. Obviously you want to do this as safely as possible but also this is a rare offer, if anyone has wanted to do it, here is your chance, it's possible you won't run across another offer like this for years or never again.

And I am being greedy here too. Michael said he would allow a video to be made, showing the ball being ruined, do you know how rare that is? You cannot find those online, believe I have tried.


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oh umm wow

So I do not count since i am not a guy (booooo) but wow. It does seem like a once in a life time chance. Almost makes me want balls so I can do it, almost. :) but to be serious, wow. I am not sure what more to say but wow. So who will do this?

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Busting a nut

Hi there, sadly im in Australia, If I could get to you I'd do it for you tomorrow ! Seriously.

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I will do it
Pm me and we can start discussions. Im serious. If you want a ruined sac, ill do it.