Few tips & Comment

A couple TIPS, since most users do not seem able to look and see the information that is posted in other areas.

1) You can change the site Theme/Color, between 3 different Themes, this is done from the Home Page, left side, top.
2) You can remove some of the blocks (information areas) from the Home page, by going into your account and removing the check from the one(s) that you wish to remove. (registered members only)
3) If you want to see certain content here, try POSTing something or at least post a request for a certain thing.

FYI - A few people here work hard to make the site a good place, some of the members even post, which is GREAT, its to bad more of you don't take a few minutes to share a post or comment to a members contribution. I am growing tired of complaing about site setup or content when virtually NO ONE is providing feedback. I have no patients for those who only wish to bitch and complain, especially when its all free to you. Give constructive feedback if you would like to see change or if you do not like the changes made but stop the complaining, its not constructive. Thanks