More of Part 2- Getting my Balls Damaged.

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More of Part 2- Getting my Balls Damaged.
With my balls now becoming more swollen from the beating they received from Karens fists. The 20lb weight pulling at my balls stretching my sac was intense. Everytime the weight moved it was a new feeling in pain. With Karens hubby playing with my ass caused a lot of movement with the weight. I now had been banded for a few hrs now & my ball sac was a dark blue now. Karen shifted her attention to my cock. She grabbed my cock checking it out. She saw that the urethra was cut from the tip of the opening to just past the base of my cock head. This turned her on seeing this mod of my cock. She wanted to get my cock hard so she started jacking it off hard. This caused more movement of the weight hanging off my balls more intense. As Karen started to get my cock hard Greg started to push his fingers in my ass. I was beside myself with pleasure & pain. Then when Karen got my cock hard she inserted her finger in my piss slit. She pushed hard & finally got part of her finger in my urethra up to her middle knuckle. She wanted more of her finger in my urethra so she pushed even harder. I thought my urethra was going to split but Karen was not the type of woman not give up. So she kept it up finally getting all of her middle finger into my urethra. My cock was on fire with her finger all the way in my cock. She was amazed that my cock could take her finger all the way. She eventually manage to work every finger in urethra "separately". So as Karen was busy Greg managed to get 4 fingers in my ass. Then the fingers were out of my ass & were soon replaced with his thick cock. He had a hold of my hips & was driving his cock deep in my ass. My balls were going crazy as the weight was moving, stretching my balls as my ass got pumped. I was crying, moaning & screaming from the pain in my balls. It was then that Karen removed her soaked thong & shoved it in my open mouth to muffle the sounds I was making. I loved the taste of her cum soaked thong. I tried to focus on her sweet tasting thong from the pain in my pelvic area. My asshole was getting pounded really hard with Greg's cock.

After Karen was done with her fingers she wanted something longer to put in my cock. She found a thick metal rod, grabbing my cock again & started to shove that rod in my urethra. She got to the base of my cock & wanted more of that rod in my cock. So she pushed & twisted my cock round so the rod is in further in my shaft. She got to the base of my balls inside of my urethra with the rod. She wanted to make sure the rod would stay in so she banded my cock with the rod still in my urethra. About 6 inches stuck out the cock head.                     

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