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Site Chat

Update on Chat Status

We are still searching for the best chat for the site. There are better chat bars to use but they cost up to $300 for the basic package and then require a monthly server/host fee, I am not able to buy a chat program.

The current chat has been active on , , and , guest chat has been allowed also. I have made guest chat only available at , if the guest at one of the other sites, cannot see the ENTER CHAT button at the top of the page, they will not be in chat. This move will eliminate those who are to lazy to read what is in front of them or to lazy to click a button to enter chat.

If the guest chat continues to be an issue, I will remove guest chat but this could also result in a huge reduction in new members and that will hurt the number of people in chat. Guest chat has challenges but it also gains the community new members to keep us active.


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Guest chat
That is true about reduction in new members if we lost guest chat. I would like to see the site continue to grow.
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i like this chat bar because

i like this chat bar because it's like Facebook and it helps alot