ball busting recollections

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ball busting recollections

Hi this is an extract from a longer story. its based om my early days of ball busting many years ago




Busting Recollections


I'm not sure when and how my ball busting fun with my friend's younger brother Roger. But when I was an apprentice I started to like the idea of my balls being hurt and often whacked my own balls with a carpet slipper, imagining someone else, another boy or girl was doing it to me. My friend Michael, Roger's older bother used to got out drinking to the pub with my older brother and when my when mother and father were also out I invited Roger round to my house and we indulged in some play fighting. After some rolling around the floor and let him get on top of me a few times I asked Roger if wanted a slipper fight. We would both have one of my carpet slippers and hit each other with it. He seemed a little reluctant but agreed and we started and hitting each other lots of times with the slippers. I let Roger hit me more times than I hit him, he targeted my belly, and chest, thighs and buttocks. This was quite exciting and painful as I was wearing thin cotton shirt and quite thin trousers.

Roger seemed to like the game, as he was winning against and older and bigger boy. I can remember enjoying it to, but it wasn't what I really wanted was Roger to hit my in the groin with the slipper and hurt my balls. So after a couple of minutes rest to get our breath back we started again and I deliberately caught Roger some swiping blows to his groin. He was surprised and hurt by the first one but I think he put it down as a mistake, but angered by the second and he and protested loudly. I told Roger he was allowed to hit me there as well I wouldn't stop him. He was still angry but I could see he liked the idea of revenge so we started again. Almost instantly Roger caught me with a swiping blow that brushed my left ball painfully making me gasp. "Lets see how much you like it Dave", he said smiling with satisfaction as he brandished the slipper in his right hand and shielded his groin with his left. It was fantastic and more exciting, as it wasn't expected or anticipated like when I hit myself. The pain in my left ball made my cock tingle with excitement. "Want to play it like that then", I said aiming a whack at Roger's balls, and deliberately leaving my balls open and unprotected.

      My slipper was deflected by Roger left hand and hit against his right thigh. He aimed one at my completely open and undefended groin catching me square on both balls with a fairly hard whack of the carpet slipper. "Fuck", I moaned painfully as both my balls hurt sending sickening but exciting pain seeping from my balls into my stomach muscles. I knelt on hands and knees slightly bent over legs apart, letting the pain subside. To my surprise and delight although it hurt even more he hit me again while I knelt legs open catching me with an even harder whack. My balls had hardly got over the shock of the first whack this made the pain much worse. I moaned as the seething, sickening, but delightful pain in my belly intensified.

With my tingling, excited, cock starting to stiffen towards erection I reached for my slipper to fight back only to take another hard slipper whack to both my balls again. I let out a loud groaned of pain and dropped to the carpet cupping my now badly aching balls. I lay hand cupping my aching balls my stomach muscles tight with sicken ball pain. The pain was bad but it was also very exciting and my cock was getting harder and harder. This was even better then I imagined it to be and much more painful, as I would stop after a couple of whacks particularly a hard one when hitting myself. It was clear Roger wasn't going stop whacking me however much it hurt, just because it did. I think that was the attraction and thrill of playing with another person you lost control, they took it and kept it making you suffer, and you couldn't stop them. "Come get up Dave, ..this slipper fight isn't over yet", Roger demanded. I moaned but didn't move I was in two minds whether I wanted another whack in the balls again. Deep down I knew I did but it was going to be when the pain and eased off a bit. "Come get up Dave", Roger said laying the slipper across my buttocks a few times hard enough to echo in my darkened front room. It was mid winter when we started to play these slipper games and I would draw the curtains and we would fight in the dark. The dark made it more exciting and difficult to see and more important to see Roger slipper whacks coming till it was too late.

      "Hey they hurt I protested feeling my bum cheeks start to smart. "Then get up", Roger replied landing a couple more. But I wasn't ready to get up, my balls were still aching, and now my cock was hard in my thin trousers, the slippering of my bum adding to my excitement. "OK stay there then", Roger said rotating the slipper in his hand. We had both been holding the slippers by the heel and hitting each other with wider softy end. Roger now brought the moulded, harder, heel end down on my bum hard, several times the stinging whacks echoing round the wall with my gasps of pain. "Bastard I said in shock and anger my arse now really smarting and my cock fully erect in my underpants and tight trousers. I grabbed my slipper and got up onto my hands and knees ready attack Roger with it. Roger didn't wait for me to get up he launched into an attack as I knelt on all fours aiming the slipper blindly at my groin, and he was still holding by the soft front end using the hard heel end to hit me. His first whack was high catching me, on my erect cock had making me wince. The second didn't miss catching me full on the scrotum with the harder square heel.

     "Fuck", I croaked breathlessly dropping my slipping and double right over holding my balls. The previous hard whacks had been painful this was a crippler, the harder moulded heel section really hammering my balls. "Oh you cunt", I gasp barely above a whisper the pain was that intense. "Its just part of the game", Roger said with a smile enjoying my suffering. Its funny how boys and men enjoy seeing another man or boy hit in the balls, knowing how painful it is only makes the enjoyment more satisfying.

   "No", I said hoarsely pointing at his slipper. "What?", Roger asked glancing down at it. "Oh sorry", he said with a grin, realising he'd hit me with he hard heel end. I can remember thinking at the time that his apology was a little insincere. "Give me a couple of minutes", I moaned curling up into the foetal position. I lay there for about five minutes until the pain subsidised enough for me to get up. My hard, excited cock had shrunk to little flaccid stud, so I felt less self conscious as I would have been if I'd managed to get up and continue with a full erection. We stood at either ends of the dark room, each peering at the other end trying to locate each other, both reluctant to enter the empty area in the middle and be the first to be seen and no doubt whacked. I heard a sound and sensed a movement at the other end and moved silently into the centre of the room thinking I had Roger. However a few steps in, I took a slipper to the balls Roger wasn't where I thought he was and his were clearly better in the dark then mine. I groaned as pain returned to my balls and lashed out catching Roger on the upper body as he backed away. He moved straight back in catching me with another whack to the balls. "Fuck", I gasped my face contorting as the pain in my balls got worse, but it was exciting me again the pain and the suspense of the slipper duel in the dark was making my cock harden again. Roger disappeared into the darkness, again leaving me to endure the sickening ache in my belly wondering when he would strike again.

   I kept looking round trying to locate Roger in the darkness as the ache in my balls slowly subsided. I waited and peered across the room for a minute or more, then decided to move into the centre of the room to draw him out. I was hoping to see Roger coming and meet him head on slipper ready and give a few whacks back in payment for the last few hard ones he'd given me without taking any in return. I moved into the centre and must have been visible to Roger, but he still didn't emerge from the shadows. I couldn't see him however hard a stared into the shadows but I knew there were a couple of armchairs to hide behind. In the end I had no choice but to adventure into the darker shadows giving Roger the advantage, as he would be able to see me before I saw him. I crept silently until I was beside the first armchair. I peered behind it heart pounding in anticipation I couldn't see anything, he had to be behind the second armchair. As I moved passed the armchair a slipper shot out from behind it and caught me a glancing blow to my right bollock. "Fuck", I gasped grunting in pain, a definite mistake. Roger had been aiming semi-blind and when I gasped in pain it told him he was on target. A second, harder whack lashed out, catching my already aching right bollock making me gasp louder and turn away. I stumbled away, back into the centre of the room hunched over in pain, with Roger in pursuit.

    "I've got you now Dave", Roger said as he chased me brandishing his slipper. He was only a pace or so behind me and I knew I couldn't out run him so I turned to face him. Roger came on waving his slipper smiling as he saw me hunched over, I held my slipper ready in front of me. I watched Roger move in close, right hand holding his slipper out in front of him left hand shielding his groin. I lashed out with my slipper making the first move it caught his left hand and made him curse as the whack was hard, smacking loudly against the back of his left hand. Roger retailed with a sweeping hard whack that caught my left bollock this time making me cringe.

I lashed out angrily missing him completely. Roger calmly delivered hard whack dead centre to my groin catching both bollocks hard. I let out a soft painful gasp and my slipper dropped to the carpet as I dropped to my knees clutching my balls. Roger kicked my slipper away into the shadows in the far corner. Roger dropped to his knees beside me and lashed out at my balls catching me on the back on my hands that were cupping them for comfort. He hit me again hoping I would move my hands, but my balls were hurting too much, particularly the right one. Roger whacked me in the belly very hard making my skin on my belly smart, I was only wearing a thin cotton shirt. I still refused to remove my hands from my groin and I could see Roger was frustrated. He grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked it out of my trousers, pulling the front up so it exposed my belly. I still kept my hands firmly on my balls. Roger lashed out with his slipper whacking the bare exposed skin of my belly filling the room with aloud echoing crack. "Ahh, that hurts you bastard", I gasped. "Good", Roger replied delivering another one right over my navel. "Oooh, you vicious little bugger", I cursed grabbing my shirtfront with both hands and pulling it down over my red smarting belly.

        Roger's slipper caught me hard between the legs hitting both balls hard making me double up as the pain in my balls increased dramatically. Before I could get my hands back down over my balls, Roger landed another whack that laid me right out and I flopped onto my back with my legs slightly apart and my arms on the carpet besides me, making no attempt to cover my aching balls. I was down in pain and without my slipper and Roger had the advantage, it was wonderful, painful, but highly exciting as well, the sort of scenario I used to fantasise about again and again. Real life wasn't as good as fantasy as the sickening pain was more acute and the erotic arousal a little less, but I revelled in it all the same. Roger paused for a few seconds, confused when I didn't try to protect my balls, then lashed out at my groin again with the slipper.

       The hard whack caught both balls again making me gasp loudly almost taking my breath away. The pain was intense and the excitement even more so, my cock now trying burst out of my trousers and underpants. Roger whacked me again catching both balls quite hard, bemused by total lack of defence, but not minded to show mercy. He whacked me several more times making me gasp and groan my legs opening and closing with every whack of the slipper. After at least half a dozen whacks with the slipper the pain became so intense I was forced to roll over onto my back. Roger whacked me between the legs and on in the arse several times frustrated at not being able to get to my balls. "Come on Dave I can't hit you like this its not fair", Roger protested. "It seems fair to me, it would to you too if your balls were hurting so much", I replied wearily. "Well you wanted to play the game I thought you were liking you were letting me hit you often enough. I shuddered had it been that obvious even to him I thought to myself, I supposed it must have been. "Come on I want to play some more", Roger said slippering my arse hard. Then an idea came to me thinking back to my days in the junior school when there was there was the knackering fights. "I can't take any more whacks for the moment but you could knacker me instead", I suggested, my voice trembling with excited anticipation.

    "Knacker you what's that mean?", Roger asked curious. "Squeeze my balls with your hand and make me roll over", I replied even more excitedly. "How do I do that with you like that?", Roger asked. "You can force your hand underneath me and grab them quite easily", I replied sweat beading on my brow and my hard erect cock tingling with excitement. I know I'd seen three boys do it to another boy, they were chasing and trying to knacker him. When he finally collapsed on the play ground in exhaustion, he lay face down legs closed, hands over his balls to protect them. The three boys all forced their hands underneath the boy on the floor groping his balls. He couldn't resist as three hands forced his hands away and they took turns and knackering his helpless balls until they had him in tears from the pain.

     "OK that sounds good", Roger said. "OK I'm ready", I said heart thumping in my chest as I removed my hands from over my balls and lay them either side of my body on the carpet palms down. Roger smiled as he forced his right hand underneath me groping for my balls. First he grabbed my hard cock and squeezed it hard, that was very embarrassing Roger knowing I was hard and it nearly made me come. But he fumbled lower until he felt my balls and clasped them between his finger squeezing them hard. The pain was sickening but exquisite, as my balls were still aching and tender from the slipperings.

     This was now getting very exciting I'd introduced Roger to whacking my balls with the slipper and knackering them and he was very good at doing both. I groaned in pain wondering how much more of this knackering I could endure before I was forced to roll over. Not long I knew and I also knew the moment I rolled over he would start whacking them with the slipper again. I lasted and few more seconds, then rolled over on to my back. Roger was brandishing the slipper in his left-hand ready and waiting. As I flopped onto my back by chest rising and falling as I sucked in air, trying to ease the pain in my aching balls.

     Roger hit me between the legs with the slipper. It was hard and right on target, both ???ing balls again. "Fucking hell", I croaked almost losing my voice as my balls were really killing me. I rolled to the right away from Roger, showing my back to him, moving my balls ways from him. He just moved round to my right and whacked me again. He only caught my left testicle but hard enough to cause shock and anger and I cursed as I rolled onto my belly cupping my balls, coughing loudly, my face ashen from the ball pain. Roger tried to get his hand to my balls from both sides but I wouldn't let him past my protecting hands.

     I stayed like this for a minute or two with Roger constantly trying to get past my covering hands, to knacker my balls, until the intense pain eased off and I felt more excited and less sick and angry. "You little bastard, those were killers", I sighed weakly rolling onto my back my hands still covering my balls. "Move your hands Dave", Roger ordered holding the slipper ready to hit me again. With sweat running down my face I removed my hands from my groin.

Roger gave me a several whacks with the slipper making me gasp and groan. I'd close my legs as the slipper connected, sending more sick but highly exciting pain shooting through my stomach muscles, and then open them again as Roger withdrew the slipped, only to close them again as he hit me again. This went on for about a minute my legs opening and closing on every whack, until I just spread my legs wide in totally surrender my balls hurting too much for me to care and driving my excitement off the scale. Roger finally stopped. "Had enough now?", he asked, "Yes I replied softly. My body was drenched in sweat my shirt stuck to my body my underpants were ringing with sweat and pre-come fluid my, cock so hard it was painful. "I won you lost", Roger said with a satisfied smile. I nodded. "Want to play again another night", I asked. "Maybe", Roger replied thinking for a second or two. "Yeah OK, let me know when", Roger added. "OK I will", I said. Then he whacked me again with the slipper, it was unexpected and therefore doubly painful. I gasped in agony, doubling up, almost puking, the pain was that bad. Roger dropped the slipper and left me double up on the floor and let himself out.  It took me a long time be able to get over the pain in my balls enough to get up. I was glad Roger had gone it save the embarrassment of seeing that I come in my jeans and underpants. I always come when I fantasised about games and meetings like that, but I knew I was hooked now, as I had come actually doing it come from being whacked repeatedly in the balls.


Hi everyone this is the start of a much longer ball busting story. If you like some good hard long busting you will like this story. The full length story is available from my site


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great story
awsome, put it on scaffies too