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Changing Auto Email Notice Settings

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If you are receiving e-mail updates for posts that you have made or commented on and no longer wish to receive them, here is how you change the setting.

1)   Visit your profile page

2)   Click on My Watched Posts

3)   Click on Settings

4)   Adjust your settings as desired and save.

— ruptered


Embedded Video - How To

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To embed a video...
1) click SOURCE
2) Paste the embedded code here in the text body
3) Click SAVE at the bottom



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The DASHBOARD, at the top left of your browser is an easy place to fine the most current comments and activity update.


Remove Account - how to

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If you find that this is not the place for you and wish to remove your account. Simply visit your account profile page, click EDIT and scroll to the bottom, click CANCEL ACCOUNT and confirm.


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Everyone can now make an "Album" and have it open or restricted to only those they wish to share with. 

change user name

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You can change your user name by visiting your Profile and Clicking Edit - enter new name and save.

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